Oasis Vinyl Generic Pool Liners

* Softer! Stronger! Easier to use!
* 0.18mm phthalate-free vinyl
* All generic liners have a loose fit over the pool.

Use a fresh one for each birth, and afterwards simply drain the pool and throw the liner away. Cuts clean-up time in half!

Fits most birth pools on the market including: La Bassine Regular &Maxi, Aquaborn, Gentle Birth, Oasis Oval & Regular, Aquarium, Passagesand Aquadoula pools.

Note: Birth Pool in a Box does not recommend using any generic liner on their Birth Pools - it will not give a secure, tight, custom fit and may not be watertight, undermining the integrity of the Birth Pool in a Box System. Please order the Regular or Mini custom Birth Pool in a Box Liner. The 40 use warranty on Birth Pool in a Box Pro Pools is valid only if a Birth Pool in a Box liner is used each time

Dimensions are: 115" wide x 65" tall. This means that it will fit a pool that has an outside circumference of less than 230." If you have a question about whether this liner will fit your pool, please ask!

Available: Individually or Case of 8

Note - Manufacturer Shortage: We have an inventory shortage until we can restock. We expect to have the new shipment at the end of May or beginning of June. Until we receive the new inventory, we are only selling 2 liners per customer in an effort to ensure that everyone who needs them can get a liner in a timely fashion. Thank you for your understanding.

Oasis Generic Liner - each
Oasis Generic Liner - Case of 8
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