Birth Pool in a Box Professional

Birth Pool in a Box Professional
The Birth Pool in a Box professional is guaranteed for 40 uses. If it fails before 40 uses, you Birth Pool in a Box will replace your pool! The professional pools incorporate the following design features.

*It's hard to know what you need beforehand, so there are handles in several places.
* The integrated seat is the perfect height for resting during and after labor. It is perfect for holding baby's head safely above the water.
* If you feel unsteady getting into the pool, you can reduce the total wall height without loss of rigidity. Only our 3 chamber design allows that.
* Integrated cupholder helps with hydration during labor.
* Opaque outer walls provides privacy and clear inner walls gives a perception of more space.
* Soft air filled chamber floor provides comfort.
* Egg shape allows for a longer distance in one direction and a shorter one in the other. This provides many options for positioning for women of all sizes.
* The Regular size pool has room for your partner or birth support person to join you in the pool and not cramp your style. Or if you are a tall or large woman, you may prefer the Regular size pool for comfort.
* The Mini size pool holds 40% less water than the Regular size birth pool. Perfect if you have are concerned about your hot water supply. Or maybe you just want less space to feel more protected.
* It has a reinforced base and thick 0.55mm (0.22") material.
* The Birth Pool in a Box Professional pool is designed for care providers both in and out of the hospital.
* More than 40 uses is possible with careful handling.
* The main difference between the standard pool and professionals: the professional pool has a thicker reinforced base and has the 40 use warranty; the standard pool comes with one liner and the professional pool does not come with any liners; registration of the professional pool includes a donation to the MyGoodBirth Care Access fund (described below).
* This table summarizes the differences between the Mini and Regular Pool sizes.

$20 Donation to Fund to Support Access to Perinatal Care

For each product registration of a Birth Pool in a Box Professional, a $20 donation will be made to the MyGoodBirth Care Access Fund. In addition, you will benefit from a Liner Availability Guarantee and receive a free copy of Our Water Baby e-book (value $6.99). More details…

Note: Birth Pool in a Box does not recommend using any generic liner on their Birth Pools - it will not give a secure, tight, custom fit and may not be watertight, undermining the integrity of the Birth Pool in a Box System. Please order the Regular or Mini custom Birth Pool in a Box Liner. The 40 use warranty on Birth Pool in a Box Pro Pools is valid only if a Birth Pool in a Box liner is used each time.

Price includes free shipping in the Continental US. Pickup orders get a $10 refund after purchase.
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