Cetro Cord Ring

Cetro Cord Ring
The Cetro cord ring is now available in latex and a latex-free version! They are a great alternative to the plastic cord clamp.

* Individually wrapped in sterile packages
* Easy to use
* No need to remove
* Less bulky than a plastic clamp
* Made from washed latex or a latex-free version
* Here are the Cetro Cord Ring instructions.

Warnings: Do not stretch the cord ring more than necessary. This may cause the cord ring to break. Do not twist the cord ring as shown in the directions. This may cause the cord ring to break. Check the umbilical cord after 24 hours.

Available individually, 10 pack, 50 pack or Box of 300

Choose latex or not: 
Choose latex or not: 
Choose latex or not: 
Choose latex or not: