ClearFit Cover

ClearFit Cover
Item# ClearFitCover

Product Description

Third-generation cover for Birth Pool in a Box was created from requests of midwives and clients.

* It is colourless, allowing objects and water level to be seen and estimated. Moreover, being able to see through the cover while attached enhances safety.
* It forms a seal over the pool and liner eliminating evaporation during filling and at other times the woman is not in the pool. Indeed, the great majority of heat lost from a birthing pool is from evaporation of water, not conduction or radiation.
* It fits snugly over the top chamber of the pool, with holes over the 4 outside handles that keep it in place and it is clear that a basic securing mechanism is essential for safety

Material: 0.20mm eco PVC meeting EU regulations on maximum levels of phthalates in toys. Free from cadmium, lead, latex.

Available in Mini and Regular size