Eldoncard Blood Typing Kit

Eldoncard Blood Typing Kit
This fast, easy to use blood typing kit will give you or your clients valuable information using only a finger-stick. The Eldoncard is a patented test card device that comes specially treated and used universally for determining Blood Type by the forward typing method. After only a minute of coagulation, the test card can be compared to the Results Chart included with the test to determine the correct blood grouping. The kit comes with a laminating cover sheet so the results card can be included in a client's chart.

The test kit comes with: One EldonCard™ Blood typing test card, foil sealed, sterile. Auto-Lance, spring loaded sterile lancet. Alcohol preparation swab, sterile gauze plaster, EldonSticks™ sample collection and transfer devices, transfer pipette, color result chart, laminating sheet, and instructions. All components assembled and poly packaged in single procedure kits (One complete blood typing procedure per kit).