Bio-Logic OAE TreeTips; Clear, 3-6mm

Bio-Logic OAE TreeTips cover the 3-6mm range. They are clear and tree-shaped. TreeTips are used with AuDX equipment. They can also be used for ABR testing using an infant tip adapter (sold separately.) Made for single patient use, these eartips should not be cleaned and reused. BIO-203218

* Size 3-6mm
* Used for OAE (Otoacoustic emission) hearing testing
* Compatible with Bio-Logic AuDX, AuDX Pro, Scout & ABaer Systems
* Disposable, single use

Available, each, 10 pack, 20 pack and bag of 100. The Bag of 100 is not stocked and is special order.

Note: Until further notice, due to a manufacturer shortage, we can only sell a maximum of 10 tree tips per person.