Katelin Halligan

Item# KatelinHalligan
1) Mesh Briefs - choose size:  2) Digital Thermometer - optional:  3) Maternity Pads, Natracare, 10 Pack - optional:  4) Mattress Bag - optional:  5a) Newborn Hat (4), optional - choose style:  5b) Newborn Hat - choose color (only for organic hats):  6) Plastic Backed Sheets (Drapes) - optional:  7) Pool Liner, Birth Pool in a Box Mini Size - optional: 

Product Description

This birth kit has been customized by your midwives. The kit includes:

2 Mesh Briefs, Seamless Choose size above
2 Perineal Instant Cold Pads premium
1 Perineal Irrigation Bottle
1 Paper Tape Measure, 36"
1 Bulb Syringe, 2 oz
2 Amnicator
1 Kleen-Print Footprinter

Optional Items, Select above
1 Digital Thermometer, Choose style above
1 Maternity pads, Natracare pack of 10
1 Mattress Bag (1.5 mil), Choose size above
4 Newborn hats, Choose style above
1 Plastic Backed Sheets (drapes), 40 x 90
1 Pool Liner Birth Pool in a Box Mini

Please note that the prices for adding or upgrading items in birth kits are different than what is listed elsewhere on the website. This is because there is a discount for items sold in birth kits.