Labor Enhancer by Wish Garden Herbs

Labor Enhancer by Wish Garden Herbs
Item# LE-tincture

Product Description

Supports Effacement & Contractions

Birth Practitioner Only Formula - ordering restrictions see description for details
As required by Wish Garden Herbs, this product can only be sold to birth practitioners. The first time that you purchase this product from us, we will ask for proof of midwifery practice or education. This can be a copy of a midwifery license, certification or degree. If those are not available, some other proof of practice is required: website, copy of business license, copy of business card, letterhead or a photo of practice space. This documentation can be emailed to orders at radiantbelly dot com.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Blue Cohosh root, Beth root, Ginger root & Gelsemium root.

Other Ingredients: Organic gluten-free alcohol, Rocky Mtn. artesian spring water, vegetable glycerine & organic cider vinegar.

Suggested Use: 2 droppers full in water for taste, every 1-2 hours for up to 6-8 hours. Do not overuse. For use during early labor only.