Oasis Vinyl Generic Pool Liners

* New Design as of November 2017
* Super Soft, Super Strong, Eco-Vinyl
* Lightly textured for added safety
* 0.16mm phthalate-free vinyl
* All generic liners have a loose fit over the pool
* Fits inflatable pools measuring up to 78" long x 68" wide x 32" tall
* Actual dimensions 110" x 65"
* Use a fresh one for each birth, and afterwards simply drain the pool and throw the liner away. Cuts clean-up time in half!

Fits most birth pools on the market including: La Bassine Regular &Maxi, Aquaborn, Gentle Birth, Oasis Oval & Regular, Aquarium, Passagesand Aquadoula pools.

Note: Birth Pool in a Box does not recommend using any generic liner on their Birth Pools - it will not give a secure, tight, custom fit and may not be watertight, undermining the integrity of the Birth Pool in a Box System. Please order the Regular or Mini custom Birth Pool in a Box Liner. The 40 use warranty on Birth Pool in a Box Pro Pools is valid only if a Birth Pool in a Box liner is used each time

Dimensions are: 110" wide x 65" tall. This means that it will fit a pool that has an outside circumference of less than 220". If you have a question about whether this liner will fit your pool, please ask!

Available: Individually, 5 pack or Case of 10

Oasis Generic Liner - each
Oasis Generic Liner - 5 pack
Oasis Generic Liner - Case of 10