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Item# Ignite
1) Lansinoh Lanolin - choose size:  2) Debris Net for Waterbirth - optional:  3) Digital Thermometer - optional:  4a) Newborn Hat (1), optional - choose style:  4b) Newborn Hat - choose color (only for organic hats):  5) Sitz Bath Basin, round - optional: 

Product Description

This birth kit has been customized by your midwife. The kit includes:

1 Scrub Brush, CHG 4%
1 Perineal Irrigation Bottle
1 Plastic Cord Clamp
2 Straws, Plastic Flexible Disposable
2 Sterile Gloves - Nitrile Aloetouch, pairs/small
1 Sterile Gauze, woven 12 ply 4" x 4", 2 pack
1 Bulb Syringe, 2 oz
1 Sitz Bath Herbs, Radiant Belly Organic
1 Kleen-Print Footprinter
1 Tenderfoot Lancet
1 Lansinoh Lanolin, Choose size

Optional Items, Choose above
1 Debris Net for Waterbirth
1 Digital Thermometer, choose style
1 Newborn hat, choose style and color
1 Sitz Bath Basin, round

Please note that the prices for adding or upgrading items in birth kits are different than what is listed elsewhere on the website. This is because there is a discount for items sold in birth kits.