Cord ligation device that maintains continuous compressing action around umbilical cord. Does not require removal.

Replaces the need for plastic cord clamps. Allergy information: Contains latex.

Umbi-Ring is an effective way for Midwives and Practitioners to constrict an umbilical cord without having to remove the device later.

Umbi-Ring maintains continuous compressing action around the umbilical cord, until umbilical stump falls off. Umbi-Ring is sterile, inexpensive, easy to use, and provides more comfort for the baby. Umbi-Ring is also made in the USA.

Umbi-Ring consists of a latex band around two plastic pieces, forming a ring. Once the plastic pieces are separated, the band shrinks down and compresses the umbilical cord to stop blood flow. This device is similar to a product, no longer available, called the AGA cord ring. Unlike the AGA cord ring, the Umbi-Ring constricts slowly which allows it to be moved into place, momentarily and prevents possible cord laceration. View the directions here.

Umbi-ring is made in a manufacturing facility that is registered facility with the FDA and it is a registered medical device with the FDA.

Since this product is new, it currently has shelf life of 9 months. Because of this shorter shelf life, we suggest you consider ordering only what you can use in a 9 month period.