Wholistic Childbirth - Tamy Roloff

Item# WholisticChildbirth
1) Protective Underwear (3) - choose size:  2) Digital Thermometer:  3) Pool Liner, Birth Pool in a Box Mini - optional: 

Product Description

This birth kit has been customized by Tamy. Above, please select the options for your kit. In addition to the above items, the kit includes:

20 Underpads, Heavy Absorbency, 23" x 36"
3 Protective Underwear, Super Plus, Choose size above
1 Perineal Irrigation Bottle
1 Umbilical Cord Tape, 1 piece, 1/8" x 30" length, sterile
6 Sterile Gloves - vinyl, pairs/large
1 Sterile Gauze, woven 12 ply 4" x 4", 10/tray
1 Oasis Protective Cover 96" x 80"
1 Digital Thermometer, Choose style above
1 Keepsake Birth Certificate
1 Kleen-Print Footprinter
2 Tenderfoot Lancets
1 Rescue Remedy, 10 ml
1 Homeopathic Arnica 30c
1 Debris Net for Waterbirth

Optional Items, Choose Above
1 Pool Liner - Birth Pool in a Box, Mini

Please note that the prices for adding or upgrading items in birth kits are different than what is listed elsewhere on the website. This is because there is a discount for items sold in birth kits.