Wombservice Midwifery - Ellen Levitt

Item# WombserviceMidwifery
1a) Newborn Hat (2) - choose style:  1b) Newborn Hat - choose color (only for organic hats):  2) Protective Underwear (1 pkg) - optional: 

Product Description

This birth kit has been customized by your midwives. The kit includes:

20 Underpads Light Absorbency, 23" x 36"
10 Alcohol Prep Pads
5 Lubricating Jelly, 3 gm packets
1 Perineal Irrigation Bottle
1 Cord Ring - Cetro, Latex-free
5 Flexible Straws
5 Sterile Gloves - vinyl, pairs/med
5 Sterile Gloves - vinyl, singles/med
4 Sterile Gauze, non-woven 4 ply, 4" x 4", 2 pack
2 Newborn Hat, Choose style above
1 Olive Oil 4 oz
1 Neat Nick Heel Lancets
1 Homeopathic Arnica 200c

Optional Items Choose Above
1 Package Protective Underwear, Super Plus, Choose size above

Please note that the prices for adding or upgrading items in birth kits are different than what is listed elsewhere on the website. This is because there is a discount for items sold in birth kits.